Friday, June 06, 2003

One Less Sour Kraut

Swarmy German politician Jürgen Möllemann committed suicide today and managed to kill not only himself but also an investigation into the sources of funds he used to publish an anti-Semitic campaign pamphlet.

This morning Moellemann was tipped off that the Bundestag had stripped him of his immunity as a legislator and was about to launch a massive raid against him in 25 locations.

Rather than wait for the knock on the door, Möllemann went skydiving with some friends and took off his parachute mid-dive.

According to German law, criminal investigations can only be conducted against living people. I guess this means we may never find out who was funding Möllemann.

I wonder if it was the same people who financed Britain’s pro-Islamofacsist, anti-Israel, anti-American political fringie George Galloway?

For more on this unsavory Euro go to the Moellermann File.

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