Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everyone Hates Carter

I never knew just how much the Clintons can't stand Jimmy Carter until I saw the full clip from the inauguration coverage (in the original Italian).  

Watch how Bubba and GHWB hug and kiss each other like true friends . . . then Carter shows up like a foul smelling crazy uncle to ruin the party around minute 1:25.  

The Bushes are civil but look at Bill and Hill.  They hate him!

Look at Hillary's expression.  You know she just can't wait for that first call to the State Dept. from the doddering old friend of Arafat, Kim il Jong, Brehznev and any other enemy of the state he can score an appointment with.  

Fortunately, Jimmah hates them right back and shuffles along on his way somewhere else.    

Yup, there goes America's favorite ex-president.