Thursday, July 11, 2002

Outrage in Neverland

Michael Jackson is the latest washed-up celebrity to blame unseen forces for personal shortcomings, although the multi-millionaire plays the race card with certainly quirky panache. Essentially Jacko says he’s unpopular because he’s so popular.

According to the New York Post, Jackson claims music executives conspired to ruin his career because of his awesome ability to sell millions of records. He says the recording industry began to hate him once he had sold more records than the Beatles.

That makes sense. After all, if there’s one thing that record executives can stand it's selling records and making obscene amounts of money. That's where they draw the line.

Specifically Jackson claims that record execs can't stand the thought of a black artist selling millions of records. I'm sure Gore Vidal has verified this well-known yet little-known fact. What's more, these Hollywood types are exercising a chokehold on the book publishing industry as well.

Music moguls "are liars. They manipulate our history books. You must know that," he [Jackson] said, as the crowd cheered him on. "If you go to the bookstore at the corner, you won't see one black face. You'll see Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones."

It's pretty clear Jacko hasn't been to a bookstore in quite some time . . .nor has anyone from the crowd cheering him. It's also a bit peculiar that music moguls would be spending their time suppressing record sales by keeping books off the shelves. But Jacko knows this business better than I.

Actually I suspect it's a hell of a lot more likely that the last time Jackson was in a bookstore, Elvis and Mick Jagger were there too and taken together none of them had a black face.

That's hardly the sort of grievance that sustains a political movement. Let's see if it's enough to revive a spent career.

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