Wednesday, November 06, 2002

A Voice in the Wilderness

My sister, who is stocking up on frankincense before the holidays, directed my attention to the Yemen Times, a woefully overlooked media outlet.

There are several interesting items in today’s edition but my eye was caught by a cogent letter to the editor from someone named Paula Coviello.

Muslims are not the only ones who feel rage, Americans feel it too. It is a quiet, simmering rage that has been building for years and is expressing itself in burgeoning support for Israel, for war in Iraq, for stricter immigration laws, for decreased humanitarian aid in favor of military spending.

American rage is real and it is growing and it is no less lethal for its restrained nature.

Well said.

Interesting. Here’s a person who, like my encyclopedically knowledgeable sister, not only reads the Yemen Times but she has enough wattage to write and get published a smart letter rebutting their coverage. This, my friends, is a born blogger.

I googled Coviello and found only two other citations on widely disparate topics . . . and each time she was intelligent and on target.

I certainly hope Paula joins the blogosphere in the near future so I can enjoy more of her writing without having to travel to a newsstand in Sana’a.

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