Friday, December 20, 2002

More Ozark Wisdom

For those of you who missed the most recent issue of Iceland Review, let me summarize a short article that appears today about that lovable lug of an ex-president, Bill Clinton.

According to IR, Clinton shared some geopolitical wisdom with Einar G├║stavsson, chairman of the board and the manager of the Icelandic Tourist Board in New York, during a recent conference at which Bubba was the hired entertainment.

Aside from the usual pandering, in this case claiming to be very interested in taking a golf trip to the dismal volcanic outcropping in the North Atlantic that is Iceland and playing at some of the 50 “extremely beautiful” courses there. Hmmm . . . I suspect what Bill is really interested in is the legend of Iceland’s extremely beautiful women.

In any case, Clinton slips in to pain-feeling mode rather quickly and says we ought to be more welcoming to our Islamic brothers.

. . . he stated that the travel industry is, in its nature, global. Therefore, it is impossible to think about it as localised and say, for instance, that Europe is safe from terrorism. To face the problem it would be best to open the world up for muslims and get more closer to them than in the past. This would be a project for everybody and for no one to decline.”

Now think about that for moment. What does Bill mean by “open(ing) the world up for muslims?” We’ve seen very few limitations on the movements of Muslims in this country. Indeed, some might say they were a bit too free to move about in the months leading up to the barbarous attacks on innocent civilians in New York, Arlington and above Pennsylvania.

Every city, store, museum and church in America is open to everyone including Muslims. Can the same be said for the Muslim world? For an answer, try making a reservation at the W hotel in Mecca sometime, infidel.

And what could Bill possibly mean by “get closer to them than in the past?”

Perhaps he means we should raise our awareness of Islam and the concepts that animate it. I certainly agree with that Indeed, I’d say we know a hell of lot more about Islamic world now that we did on Labor Day weekend 2001. . . and the more we learn the more disturbing it all becomes.

Of course, what Bill is really talking about is no different than what Rodney King had to say after igniting the Los Angeles riots, “why can’t we just get along?”

In the case of Islamofascism there are very good reasons for not getting along and most of them have to do with defending freedom and tolerance against a suicidal strain of medieval religious fanaticism.

But those are issues above Bill’s pay grade at the moment, thank goodness.

Let me go out on a limb here and say that if we had elected Strom Thurmond president in 1992 instead of Bill Clinton we wouldn’t be having all the trouble we have today.

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