Friday, May 16, 2003

Came Alot

The Daily News tracked down one of President Kennedy’s concubines who verifies – in the most proper and grandmotherly way -- the story that appears in Robert Dallek’s contribution to the field of JFKology.

Dallek picked up the story from several pages of a transcribed 1964 oral history interview with Barbara Gamarekian, a former White House press aide.

The pages had been sealed or blacked out or something but now appear to be unsealed and unblacked out.

Of course, the most interesting insight from these pages, helpfully made available on The Smoking Gun, has until now been totally overlooked.

I refer to page 16 of the transcript in which Gamarekian relays a story told to her by a Paris Match reporter who was given a backstage tour of the White House by Mrs. Kennedy-O, the First Lady.

Upon encountering one of JFK’s harem outside the Oval Office, Jackie said to the reporter (in French), “This is the girl who’s supposedly sleeping with my husband.”

The best part, aside from the intern/sex/Democrat/Francophonic wife/Massachusetts senator axis of circumstance is that the Frenchman was apparently stunned to hear that Kennedy was an adulterer.

How simpliste. How not well brought up. N’est pas?

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