Saturday, January 24, 2004

Dean Implosion Set to Music

Howard Dean's howl is the sound of another failed presidential candidate breaking the obscurity barrier. With that scream Dean joins an elite club of presidential flameouts that includes Edmund Muskie, Gary Hart, Pat Buchanan, Jack Kemp, Henry Wallace and a whole lot of people you've never heard of and certainly won't hear about here.

Of course, it's rare for a candidate to join the club quite so spectacularly as Dean did. To give you an idea of how complete is his induction, there is now a thriving cottage industry of Dean scream remixes blossoming on the web fueled by people with even more time on their hands than me.

I've surfed the web for the very best remixed versions of the Dean yell set to music so you don't have to.

Dean Trance Mix

Dean Throws It Up For America!

Welcome to Dean’s Jungle

Dean Goes to Kokomo

Dean, The Enemy

And Then We’re Gonna

Drs. Dean and Dre

We Need Someone Who Can Scream (this is actually a rather poignant and pitiful Deaniac vocalizing a campaign sinking into the darkness)

I suppose Dean could, with considerable skill, turn this meme to his advantage but he only has a few hours left before his image as a furious, mouth frothing, maniac solidifies into a permanent historical footnote.

It's a shame really. I mean, now I'm never going to make any money from my clever Dean People Suck bumper stickers. Everything now on sale all you collectors!

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