Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Whoever Laughs Last Wins

Many people in Europe and the United States feel that confronting Islamic fascism is wrong and that we should rather explore the roots of Muslim rage and better understand the views and aspirations of their passionate adherents.

In the spirit of greater understanding among peoples, here are the views and aspirations of Omar Bakri Muhammad, a suspected al Qaeda terrorist, (unjustly suspected no doubt) in an interview in the Portuguese newspaper Publico reprinted in the July issue of Harper's

"We don't make a distinction between civilians and noncivilians, innocents and noninnocents. Only between Muslims and nonbelievers. And the life of a nonbeliever has no value. There's no sanctity in it. ...

"We are not hypocrites. We don't say: 'I'm sorry, it was a mistake.' We say: 'You deserved it.' We assume the purpose is to kill as many people as possible, to spread the terror, so that people in the West think: 'Look what happened to us!' ...

"Terror is the language of the 21st century. If I want something, I terrorize you to achieve it. ...

"The word 'terrorism' is not new among Muslims. Muhammad said: 'I am the prophet who laughs when he's killing the enemy.' It is not only a question of killing. It's laughing while we are killing."

Among the enemies these brave and high-stylin' jihadis recently killed is Afik Zehavi, who threatened the Muslim world by walking to kindergarten with his Dad yesterday morning.

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