Thursday, November 04, 2004

John and Teresa

Hurray For John Kerry

By leading a vigorous campaign, attracting more Americans to the political process, expanding the debate on vital national issues, and gracefully conceding the election in the face of partisan pressure not to, John Kerry demonstrated that he is a true patriot and an extraordinary American. We should all be proud to count him as one of our own.

Thanks to Sen, Kerry, today we have an opportunity to resolve our nation's most vexing problem. Right now we can stop the cycle of partisan violence. I don't mean physical violence, but emotional and social violence. Our country has always be divided by opinion, but it should never be divided by culture, or outlook, or aspiration. We all lose when we hate our neighbors and dismiss their views as evil.

Divisiveness is a two way street. And this is the day to start to change that.

I volunteer to start.

I like John Kerry more than I was willing to admit. I think it's cool that he kitesurfs. I like his neckties a lot. I was looking forward to him browbeating Chirac in his native tongue. I think Teresa is wiser than she's portrayed in the media. I believe they are passionate about helping Americans less fortunate than themselves. And I think Jonathan Edwards is an extraorinarily beautiful man. (Sorry, I meant to say eloquent leader).

C'mon people, now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Gotta love one another right now.

Accept of course for those barbarians who want to kill us regardless of party affiliation. Let's vaporize them, together

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