Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let Us Now Laugh At Ignorant People!

While I’m always willing to challenge society’s outdated preconceptions of race and gender whenever possible, but sometimes it’s just a lot easier to create new prejudices.

The “Americans-are-stupid” meme has a long an storied history and as much as it’s spot-on true in very specific instances, the reputation of ignorance is one of our great national strategic advantages. The British, Germans, Japanese, Russians and some others I can’t remember have all learned the perils of misunderestimating the American mind!

Well did you know that Europeans are stupid sometimes too? Yes, even with their uncanny ability to speak foreign languages Euros are frequently ignorant rubes like us – except with sharper clothing and a haughtier attitude.

Check this out. Here’s a room full of French people racking their brains about which heavenly body revolves around the earth . . . the Sun or the Moon.

Hey, they laughed at Copernicus too.

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