Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stifle Debate. Allah Wills It!

I never thought unilateral surrender would be the sort of policy position that attracts voters but I'm not a professional politician.

Still, in their zeal to score points against George Bush, the Democrats have reached deeply into the darker recesses of geopolitics to the point where a simple prank e-mail address can make you think some rather uncomfortable thoughts about which side the Democrats are advocating.

Will this e-mail message from Howard Dean, for example, look prescient or prurient in 10 years?

So what if it’s addressed to Muhammad Atta. Just because you’re a notorious terrorist who happens to have killed thousands of American men, women, and children, and was willing to die in order to inflict maximum damage to American prestige at home and abroad, that doesn’t mean you’re a Democratic supporter.

Still, they ought to update their mailing list.

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