Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Art of Speech

(via hugh atkin)


Anonymous said...

Check out this video I just found called "Fun With War Crimes" ...Just a trailer, but I think the real show comes out May 1st. Wow...scary! Are they kidding me?! WTF?!
Mission Accomplished

Claudia said...

Are you still out there? Is everything ok? (joke) I'll bet a lot of people think that's you when your page loads. But, the guy doesn't look like a Murphy.
Keep posting, I've been enjoying your writing & blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on to your site. It's beautifully written! I cross my fingers that you will continue posting!

Anonymous said...

You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view