Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A Fine Whine for Mother’s Day

Just when you figure the activism-as-therapy fringe of the political spectrum seems to be settling down to seriousness and belated maturity another of their merry band steps up to the plate to publicly humiliate themselves and, by association, everyone like them.

Case in point -- Lucinda Marshall of the Feminist Peace Network who deftly manages to discredit both feminism and pacifism simply by opening her mouth:

”Forgive my cynicism about Mother's Day. After all, what kind of ungrateful mother wouldn't want to be honored with pesticide-laced flowers, chocolate that depends on children in slavery for its production and cards that deplete our forests and litter Mother Earth? Truly, it is the ultimate insult to honor life-giving with such toxic offerings.”

As my perspicacious big sister told me when she alerted me to this tripe,

“Didn't realize those presents were actually the ultimate insult. I'll have to throw them back in my children's faces, the pigs!”

Ms Marshall drones on about all that is wrong with the world like someone who hasn’t had a new idea in 30 years.

We have signed off on a value system that funds smart bombs but not schools . . . We have money to destroy homes, but not to shelter the homeless . . .

Seldom has the annoying pseudo-phrase “yadda, yadda” been more appropriate than as abbreviation for this mindbilge.

As mothers, we have the awesome right and responsibility to firmly say no to the life-destroying ethos that has hijacked our future and to demand that nurturing become a national and global priority.

As usual, the ecstatic outrage of the youthquake generation ends with a stirring call to . . . well, to do nothing in particular.

Nothing except nurture the rage for some world-changing political movement yet to come.

Oh, to be young at heart and even younger of mind.

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