Wednesday, May 21, 2003

What Makes Clinton Great

Interesting anecdote from Sidney Blumenthal who is on the media circuit hawking his new book about the disgraced former president Bill Clinton. This is from an interview on CNN this morning:

HEMMER: How can you respect a man and work for a man as president who lies to your face and you come out and defend him more?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, he was in a state of denial about something that was private, and he was in a state of denial to the whole country.

But let me tell you why I respected Bill Clinton and why I think he was a very good president for the American people, and I'm going to tell you just an anecdote. A small group of us, about six, top aides, came into his office one day to brief him on a very important policy issue. We gave him all of the options, policy and politics. And when we finished, the president paused and he said, I just want you to know that you're the dumbest bunch of black guys who have ever come into the Oval White House.

HEMMER: Why did he say that?

BLUMENTHAL: It's a very good question. We didn't know. He said, don't ever come in here without Caucasians as part of your group again. That's why I respect Bill Clinton.

Gee . . . isn't that sorta, I don't know, racist?

Oh, wait . . . I mixed it up. He said "white guys" not "black guys" and "minorities and women" not "Caucasians."

There. I feel better now.

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