Wednesday, May 21, 2003

JIHAD IS OVER (if you want it)

Finally a story about real Palestinians resisting oppression. AP is reporting a rare and spontaneous uprising that hopefully signals that the silent majority of ordinary Palestinians are finally fed up with the radical death cult that claims to represent their interests.

About about 600 residents of the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun blocked a main thoroughfare today with trash cans, rocks and burning tires to show their anger at the militants and Palestinian Authority officials whose use of violence to achieve their parochial political goals has doomed the Palestinians to a half century of grinding poverty and barbaric cruelty.

"They (the militants) claim they are heroes," said Mohammed Zaaneen, 30, a farmer, as he carried rocks into the street. "They brought us only destruction and made us homeless. They used our farms, our houses and our children ... to hide."

Hmmm . . . sounds like there are some Palestinians who are no longer reading from the script.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a core of Palestinians who would rather raise their children in peace and rejoin rest of the world before the 21st century passes them by like the 20th did. And maybe that’s more important to them than some abstract concept of pan-Arab nationalism predicated on the ethnic cleansing of Israel.

I certainly hope so. People like the ones in Beit Hanoun have been paying a pretty high price for the ambitions of few would-be dictators and their martyr brigades.

Arafat & Co. should start asking themselves . . . “why do they hate us so?”

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