Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Peaceful Non-Existence Watch

Now I get it. The moral relativists believe that Israel and the Palestinians have symmetrical foreign policy goals – to live peacefully each in their own sovereign state.

But if that were the case why would the Palestinian approach to achieving such a benign goal include suicide murders of Israeli citizens? That’s hardly the road to peaceful coexistence.

In fact, the goal of ethnically cleansing Israel of Israelis has never been more unambiguous. Now when the Palestinians talk of “the occupation” they are no longer even pretending to mean the West Bank. They want it all including beachfront property on the Mediterranean.

I’m starting a collection of Freudian slips, dead giveaways, and outright declarations of genocide just so we all know the score.

Let’s begin right here with our friends at Fatah. Their website declares their goals as being “Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.” Hey if you can’t believe Fatah, who can you believe?

How about a sermon from the prominent Palestinian Imam Sheikh Ibrahim Madhi first posted on Little Green Footballs? According to this man of peace, “we will enter Jerusalem as conquerors, enter Jaffa as conquerors, enter Haifa as conquerors.” I’m sure he said it in a gentle, lilting tone but still, words are words.

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