Saturday, June 22, 2002

Peaceful Non-Existence Watch (Act 6)

Is the Intifada a movement to create a Palestinian state or destroy the Israeli one? Personally, I believe the Palestinians have no intention of stopping the violence until every last Jew in Israel is dead.

But what do I know? I'm just an infidel.

So I checked out some Islamofascist discussion boards and guess what . . . some other folks are wondering the same thing including one charmingly named would-be martyr, Humid, who asks, "what is the goal of the Intifada . . . is it simply the liberation of the West Bank, Gaza, and Al Quds (Jerusalem) or is it the entire area now known as 'Israel?'"

The answer? You can check it out yourself . . . it's an ongoing discussion. But here's one definition of intifada success:

". . . the way that area was before 1948. So this practically means the liberation of all of palestine."

Wouldn't that mean killing Israeli civilians?

". . . there are no civilians in occupied Palestine."

Here's a photo of one the those battle-hardened Israeli commandos the brave Palestinian freedom fighters are facing.

Humid asks whether this would mean the elimination of Israel:

"Salam, brother. How can something be eliminated if it doesn't exist? Israel doesn't exist period. : )

So, no negotiation, no settlement, no peace until Israel is "liberated." Much they way the Khmer Rouge liberated Cambodia presumably.

Hmm . . . I'm not surprised. But I hope Colin Powell is.

PS. There's also an interestingly heated discussion of the heresy of Ayatullah Fadhlullah. the Lebanese cleric who had the nerve to suggest that believers and infidels where basically all equal human beings in the eyes of God. Apparently, that kind of loose talk can get you iced in Islamotopia.

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