Saturday, June 08, 2002

Skakel Convicted!

Surprise ending to a trial that appeared a bit short on evidence. Aside from everything, Michael Skakel certainly looks like a weak, not very bright, sort of guy who has been haunted for his entire adult life by the awful truth that he killed a girl when he was a teenager.

Imagine the grinding anxiety every time he heard about a similar murder on the news, or read something about what life in prison is like, or even just seeing a police car in the rear view mirror. I bet that now that it's over he confesses to everything in a huge blubbering spectacle with his lawyers and family trying vainly to rein him in.

And imagine the white-hot contempt of the Moxley family finally having the truth revealed and validated after decades of frustration yet still having to endure sharing the spotlight with this garish clan of vulgarians. What a devastating failure of human decency.

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