Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Shaken vs Stirred Update

Northern Ireland's own Slugger O'Toole kindly links to my previous posting on the division of the world into those who are stirred by all of life's possibilities and those who are shaken by its risks. Slugger make a few additions to my list only his deal with what he knows well and of which I know nothing. But I feel like I know more than I did before now that he has categorized things for me.

One apology to Slugger . . . I'm no longer comfortable with my very first pairing on the list (Tony Blair vs Neil Kinnock). I was trying to make the point that conservatives and liberals can be either shaken or stirred depending on their outlook, but Tony and Neil don't make that point as well as say John Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

Kennedy was as stirred as Nixon was shaken. But to be fair, Kinnock is no Nixon.

I hereby officially change my list.

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