Saturday, November 08, 2003

Force Works

The New York Times reminds us today how important its story was yesterday about alleged last minute back channel peace entreaties from the fascist Hussein regime.

Apparently the pressure of US forces massed on the borders and President unwilling to play the appeasement game was too much for Saddam.

One of his "intelligence" officials even broke down and begged that the US agree to a peaceful resolution. Iraq was willing to do anything . . . anything at all . . . to avoid being routed by the Marines.

To the Times this is some sort of scandal. Peace was at hand George Bush ignored it. Assuming the story is true it seems more a vindication than a scandal.

After all, if under a credible threat of military action even the hardcore sadists in Baghdad will buckle to our every demand, then the US should apply that same pressure to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea for good measure. In fact, the quick and merciless dispatch of the Saddam Administration only makes this threat more credible and more potent.

Conservatives have been saying "Peace Through Strength" for years. It's nice to see the Times is finally coming around.

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