Saturday, November 08, 2003

Prince Charles Denies the Unmentionable

Prince Charles issued a strong denial of something that cannot even be reported in Britain, according to the BBC -- BBC NEWS | UK | Prince Charles denies 'ludicrous' claims

The libel laws are so strong in the UK that every major news outlet is reporting today that they cannot report on the big news that happened somewhere that might have to do with the Prince.

"This allegation is untrue," says the Prince even though no one knows what the allegation is. Prince Charles issued his statement from Oman where people may or not know what he's talking about.

According to his official statement:

"In recent days, there have been media reports concerning an allegation that a former Royal Household employee witnessed an incident some years ago involving a senior member of the Royal Family . . . The speculation needs to be brought to an end."

Yeah, right. That's going to end all speculation. Hell, I didn't even know there was anything to speculate about until I read this!

Now I'm wasting hours trolling the blogosphere to learn what the untrue allegation could possibly be.

Just goes to show the First Amendment is good for something.

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