Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Everything Right Is Left Again

So bereft is the Left that it must commandeer the worst ideas of the Right in order to have something to say. See how effortlessly the Angry Left adopts the hate speech and racism of the fascists they so passionately claim to detest. Austin IndyMedia Center

How did the New Left, which began 40 years ago bathed in hope and light, turn so sour. Joy turned to frustration and to anger . . . and anger is just a step away from hatred. Today, what's left of the Left is an angry core of troubled people who seem to be participating in a mass self-loathing movement whereby they project their most odious beliefs and prejudices on those who they say they oppose.

Republicans are greedy, narrow-minded, antisemites? That's actually code for "I'm a greedy, narrow-minded, anti-semite." Bush is a Nazi? That's actually a cry for help, "I'm a Nazi and I can't help myself!"

Read the cover story in the The York Times Magazine about the Dean campaign and you'll learn that it's not about politics . . . it's about therapy. Anyone who has ever workled on a political campaign knows that the majority of hangers on are emotionally needy individuals who seek something that politics pretends to provide . . . meaning, a sense of purpose, a transcendent set of virtues.

These are fundamentally religious people who are too embarrassed to enter a church. That would make them evangelical Christians, and they hate evangelical Christians, right?

Hmmm . . . now it all begins to make sense.

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