Saturday, December 06, 2003

No Muslim Fanatics Here

Remember that sniper with the white van who terrorized Washington, DC about a year ago?

Remember how no one dared to link the random shootings to the global outbreak of Islamomurder. Indeed, recall how some boldly stated that the killer must be a homegrown right-wing gun nut not a foreign terrorist and certainly not a person of color?

Well, today the Baltimore Sun shares with us some of the frightening artwork done by foreign-born, trigger happy, boy sniper, John Malvo. And guess what? He seems to have been inspired by the Religion of Peace™.

Here’s a nice drawing that combines Islamofascism’s greatest hits – anti-Semitism, Osama worship, Amerihatred, and barbaric violence.

Here he shows almost as much talent as an artist as he does as a deranged religious fanatic.

And here he expresses his concerns about same-sex marriage. He’s opposed to it.

Now, of course, some will say that these scribblings have nothing to do with Islam. They are only the tortured illustrations of sick mind. They could just as easily have been made by a Christian fanatic.

True, but I find it odd how frequently that line of reasoning must be trotted out. It’s like saying, “yeah, but there are some nice parts of New Jersey too.” One never hears anyone saying that about Switzerland. It leads one to believe that maybe Trenton is a less desirable place to live than Lugano.

Islam may very well be a peaceful religion but it sure seems to inspire a lot of violence.

But that would be making a judgment, and we mustn’t do that.

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