Thursday, February 26, 2004

The French Don't Get It. But "It" is Headed Their Way.

Merde in France helpfully translates an interview with the odious and mainstream French writer Alain Soral that apears on his vanity website. - Interview censur?

Soral can barely contain his excitement as he remembers the day he tuned in his televisor and saw pudgy, simplistic, poorly-dressed American mothers and fathers leaping to their deaths from the World Ttrade Center:

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

"I was in my home office writing a pen-named freelance psy-sex piece for a womens' magazine in order to put some food on the table, the phone rang and it was an old friend who I had a falling out with a few years ago, an old friend who was doing the same debilitating work under a pen-name for a different magazine.

He screamed into the telephone: "switch on your TV, this is great!". I turned the TV on and it was so beautful that we put our differences aside.

I then called an other friend who I had had a falling out with over some political nonsense. He had gone to Spain. On the backdrop of the same images we experienced the same communion and we buried the hatchet as well... Guys the world over who share the same feelings with those who are humilated, felt the same sense of euphoria while watching these biblical images of justice and punishment!

For me, 9-11 represents the reconciliation, concerning most subjects, with all those that this mediocre life has forced me to hate because of insignificant differences... Truthfully, it was a beautiful moment of love. That should tell you how much I remember it!"

A Frenchman in love. Who couldn't be charmed?

I'll certainly keep Soral's words in mind when I see news reports in the coming months of alienated Muslims rioting in downtown Paris about headscarves or al Qaeda truck bombs creating all new biblical images of justice and punishment on the Rue d'Appeasement.

I can't say I'll be happy. But guys like Alain Soral are going to need to feel the blind violence first hand before they figure out they're standing on the same ledge as those terrified people in the Twin Towers.

The difference is, Americans are no longer terrified . . . they're fighting back. When you're not terrified you've disarmed the terrorists.

The French? Well, they have a lot to worry about, no?

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