Saturday, February 14, 2004

John Kerry’s Special Interests

The Sun in the UK is reporting that the name of Sen. John Kerry’s “intern” is Alex Polier, a cub reporter for the Associated Press. Her editorial beat seems to be bashing the healthcare industry.

While her body of work is meager it does seem to be remarkably consistent with Senator Kerry's -- companies profit while the uninsured die in the streets.

Here is a little Valentine's Day test.

Which of the following statements are from the Democratic presidential candidate and which are from the reporting of his twenty-four-year-old "friend":

Bush is to Blame

“Today, one in six Americans is uninsured -40 million people without health insurance for an entire year. “

“An estimated 1.4 million Americans lost insurance coverage over the past year due to layoffs.”

“On George Bush's watch, more than a million Americans a year are losing their health care.”

I Feel for You

“Melissa Hunter was laid off from a New York public relations firm in 2000, and chose to go without health insurance and birth control pills for almost a year.”

“Robert Giles (is) a member of the Painters' Union and the father of a two month old girl. In this economy, construction jobs are few and far between. He's can't find work, he's about to lose his health coverage but he's nowhere near able to afford to buy health insurance on his own.”

Can't Live Without It

“There aren’t enough affordable insurance alternatives for the newly unemployed.”

“When it comes to trying to afford their health care, too many Americans are one accident or one illness away from financial ruin.”

No doubt there is some innocent explanation for this confluence of rhetoric. Certainly no one is suggested a quid pro quo arrangement.

Maybe it’s as simple as you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

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