Tuesday, September 28, 2004

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Quien Es Mas Macho?

During a rally in some obscure Red state backwater, John Kerry reacts forcefully to a heckler who confronts him with the dreaded sign of the W.

A young Chicano boy had to break up the nasty slap fight that ensued.

Even more than the flip-flip issue, the thing that seems to drive Kerry up the wall is any suspicion that he may be a dork.

Look how hard he tries to appear manly. He’s always posing for photos doing some ridiculous sport or another and he invariably looks like a fool.

Moreover, he’s always reminding the media that he is the boss. Here’s an example from The New York Times:

Instead of delegating authority to a single adviser, Mr. Kerry relies on different people for different advice. And, he made a point of saying in the interview, none of them have too much authority. "I am always in charge," he said.

What’s really bugging Kerry?

Is it that he feels that his masculinity is in question? Does he feel some shame about being so beholden to his wife’s fortunes? Is he insecure about not having any friends?

Whatever it is, he’s transmitting some strong self-doubting vibes. Yesterday’s Washington Post poll showed that with about a month to go before the election, more people dislike Kerry than like him.

This is absolutely remarkable for a presidential candidate. Even after years of vociferous BushHate™, lots more people like W than dislike him.

If it weren’t for his electability I’d say the Democrats made a fatal mistake in nominating John Kerry.

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