Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I Due Simonas

The release of Simona Pari and Simona Torretta is good news at last for the Italians. Yet some people still manage to find a cloud in all the sunshine.

But the kidnapping seemed to harden the position of many opponents of the war, who have said it stood as tangible proof that Mr. Berlusconi's policy creates greater dangers for Italy and Italians.

Francesco Rutelli, an opposition leader, said Tuesday that "we are all filled with joy" at the women's release. But he added, "We know full well that there are clear differences in our judgments of this war and the postwar, which unfortunately is creating more victims."

But wait a second. Aren’t the “insurgents” still holding two French journalists? Isn’t France’s policy on Iraq the polar opposite of Italy’s? What tangible proof is there that Chirac’s policy has eased the dangers for France and Frenchies?

Oh, I suppose you could say Italy rescued the two Simonas by paying a ransom so it doesn’t count.

But who among us doesn’t think France is attempting the same thing right now? Bribery is not only tolerated in French foreign policy, it’s encouraged. Why wouldn’t they want to give the Islamists lots of ransom money? Just put it on our tab, they’d say.

How come, with all the money changing hands and all the fraternal relationships France claims to have in the Islamic world, france can't seem to get it's people released from the "freedom fighters?"

What have the French gained so far by opposing the liberation of Iraq, opposing the stabilization of Iraq, opposing free elections in Iraq, and encouraging the fascists guerrillas? Kind words from their barbarian friends is about all:

Kidnappers of two French journalists sent an e-mail message to The Associated Press in Cairo, the news agency reported late Tuesday, praising France's "positive steps toward the Iraqi people," after a statement on Monday by the French foreign minister that an international conference on Iraq should include Iraqi political groups, including the "armed resistance," and should consider the withdrawal of American forces.

But the message did not mention two captives, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot.

I truly hope the French hostages are released alive with their heads. But so far it doesn’t seem like appeasement has helped this time.

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