Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lenge Leve Danmark!

Here are the latest pictures from the small but spirited rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across Second Avenue from the Danish Consulate.

After milling about for a while speakers emerged to spontaneously bear witness . . . or something like that.

Like most quasi-political gatherings, the crowd was a mixture of noble souls and the possibly unhinged. Most people registered their solidarity in silence, some exchanged e-mail addresses, all nodded in agreement that the threat of physical violence, not consideration of some cultural sensitivity, is what keeps more news outlets from addressing the issue of Islamofascism.

At one point a trucker on Second Avenue signalled his support with a blast from his air horn.

Little Denmark seems an odd rallying point for passionate people but as I believe Stephen Stills of CSN&Y once sang, "The ones you never notice are the ones you've got to watch" although I suspect he wasn't talking about small, beleagured, liberal democracies enduring the fabricated and focused theocratic hatred of the global jihadist movement.

Thanks for whoever brought the Havarti.

More words and pictures over at Atlas Shrugs, and The Infidel Alliance.

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