Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's in a Name?

According to the Social Security administration, Jacob is the single most popular name for boys born this decade in the United States. An improvement over Dylan I suppose.

Conspiracy theorists will no doubt wonder what the chances are that the 885th most popular name is Fidel and the 883rd is Kennedy.

Coincidence? Maybe.

But then look at name number 887: Oswaldo!

Run your finger down to 908 if you want a real shocker: Jakobe.

Sure that could be a variation on Jacob but I'm thinking it could easily be pronounced "JackRuby." And what kind of Grassy Knoll fanatic would name their child Jakrube? An exaggeration I'll admit, but still, who would do such a thing?

The list only goes to 1,000 so there's no telling how popular "Giancana" is.

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