Tuesday, May 21, 2002

So Long to InstaPundit

Does anyone like Glenn Reynolds' new layout? I don't.

One of the great things about InstaPundit was that you could tell it was pure content just by looking at it. It sent a solid message that the most popular blog of all had nothing to do with asthetics. It was posted with a generic template. The information was what mattered and the look was inconsequential. It seemed deliberately drab.

No longer. Today it's slick. Not Lileks slick or Sullivan slick, but certainly less homegrown-looking. Now it's going to be even harder to describe to the ignorati the difference between a blog and a website. Maybe there is no difference. But something about this reminds me of the day when CB radio expanded beyond a handful of channels -- it stopped being cool.

Mark 5/21 on your calendar. It's the day Instapundit jumped the shark.

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