Friday, May 31, 2002

This is a Man's World

Imagine a world totally dominated by men and I picture a place with extensive federal beer subsidies and where women in revealing clothing occupy a central role at all levels of society.

But the reality is quite different. After all, the more primitive elements of the Islamic world have managed to create more or less phallocentric societies and the result is always the same: widespread ugliness, barbaric cruelty and grinding poverty.

Perhaps less well understood is that without women, men seek romance among themselves as this harrowing account from The Scotsman illustrates. It seems that the most immediate threat to the British troops looking for al Queda "activists" on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border comes from the dozens of amorous Afghan men who proposition them.

"It was hell," said Corporal Paul Richard, 20. "Every village we went into we got a group of men wearing make-up coming up, stroking our hair and cheeks and making kissing noises."

One Royal Marine with the exceptional name, Vaz Pickles, says he saw only two women in six days of roaming the Afghan frontier. "It was all very disconcerting."

Aren't the Muslim fundamentalists the same guys who throw homosexuals off the highest pile of rubble in their squalid bone yards? And if so, how do they reconcile their intense homophobia with the widespread practices of the Arab world regarding brotherly love? Could it be that the love whose name cannot be mentioned is what is really driving Islamofacsists mad? That explains the uber-macho posturing, the violent self-loathing, and the penchant for Toyota Land Cruisers

Maybe if the whole western world begins to insinuate that jihadis are a bunch of pink boys they will slink away in humiliation and leave us all alone.

Credit goes to Socher, et al for the Scotsman link.


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