Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Mayday! Mayday!

This is fun. It’s May Day so be a little civilly disobedient today by logging on to and posting a few fake events on their activist calendar like this one:

Title Progressives for Islamofascism
Location Sbarro’s Pizzeria on Irving Place
Speaker Heather Stalin
Sponsor Suckers for Peace

March in solidarity with the brutal Arab murderers who use religious fanaticism as a pretext for snuffing out the lives of innocent old people and children in the hope of some day violently replacing the tolerant liberal democracy called Israel with a vicious woman-hating theocracy where anyone with a gun and a chip on his shoulder can dictate the fates of his neighbors unless one of them happens to have a bigger gun, or wooden club, or a sharp rock or something. In any case, it’s what we’ve always been working toward, right?

It’s particularly amusing to schedule them a month or two in advance so the webmaster doesn’t discover them till it’s way too late.

Good clean fun.

PS. Looks like the webmaster is on to me. But in the words of the IRA assasins who failed to blow up Margaret Thatcher in Brighton, "You were lucky this time. But you have to be lucky every single time. We only need to be lucky once."

PSS. Today's hidden Google-busting search term is: Nike, Starbucks, No Logo, Naomi, Justice, social, fascism

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