Saturday, January 18, 2003

Imagine There's no Disobedience. It's "Not Hard" to Do

It’s so easy to make broad assumptions about cultures we know little about.

In my case, I know next to nothing about Islam other than what I read in the western media. I have never been to a Muslim country and have only observed their customs and traditions through the haze of distance.

If only I knew more about Islam, perhaps I could better understand the people and maybe even appreciate their unfamiliar beliefs.

What a relief it is then to discover this streaming video of the Arabic television program, Life Is Sweet, that explains Islam’s position on wife beating. I had no idea how sophisticated and nuanced Islam is when it comes to this delicate subject.

It seems that the Koran allows a man to beat his wife with a stick only if she is rebellious or disobedient and only after sharp words and sexual abstinence have failed to persuade her to change her behavior.

"And here," in the words of the Koranic expert guest on the program, “is revealed the wisdom of Islam.”

The stick beatings must be “not hard” and should avoid your wife’s face. The Koran is apparently emphatic on this subtle point . . . don’t break her face.

We join our program already in progress . . .

Guest: . . . with her refusal and rebellion here is revealed the wisdom of Islam: another means must be introduced. This is the means of the not-hard beatings, and the condition 'not hard' appears in the texts, it is not an interpretation. It is said in the Hadiths of the Prophet that we are talking of 'not-hard' beatings…

Host: What is the difference between 'hard' and 'not-hard'?

Guest: Hard beatings are those that leave marks on the body or on the face. Thus, beating on the face is prohibited, because the face is a combination of the features of beauty, as it is said. It is forbidden to beat the face, it is forbidden to administer blows that leave fractures or wounds this is what our sages have said in their books.

You see . . . rather than fall for that Zionist propaganda about Islam being a medieval religion that sanctions barbaric cruelty, you should seek out the truth yourself. I feel much more informed now.

Just think, once we all raise our consciousness and deepen our understanding of Islam we’ll all be able to live in peace.

Everyone except those damn disobedient whores . . . they’re cruisin’ for a (not hard) bruisin’.

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