Friday, January 24, 2003

So Much For Debate

Jeez, those defenders of free speech over at Democratic Underground sure have thin skins. They blocked me from their forums for violating their rules on ideological conformity. All I said was:

Why Defend Saddam?

You guys are so blinded by your hatred of Bush that you are now defending one of the worst human rights abusers in the world.

Just because Bush wants to give Saddam and his thug cronies the justice they so sorely deserve and in the meantime liberate an entire nation that has had to endure decades torture, state sponsored murder, professional rapists, wars for conquest, grinding poverty, etc., why can't you admit that this would be a good thing?

Instead you allow yourself to be proven hypocrites who won't lift a finger when it comes to actually doing something about peace and justice.

Just keep talking among yourselves while the real progressives go out and change the world.

Yikes! You’d think I was slandering them or something. Look at the comments! This must be some sort of raw nerve. After about an hour they deployed their best debating point . . . they shut down debate.

Truth hurts I guess.

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