Friday, March 12, 2004

Democrat Betrays Country?

This just doesn't make sense.

A Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill accepting money from the Iraqi Gestapo and undermining the efforts of the Bush Administration to bring freedom and dignity to the people suffering under brutal tyranny in a sweltering Arab police state? How can that be?

She worked for Senator/Ambassador Carol Measly-Brain (D-New Zealand)? She lived in lovely Takoma Park? She was formerly an unbiased non-partisan news media professional? She's been known to preface her strident views with such naively idealistic statements as:

"I remain deeply persuaded that justice must never be confused with convenience or political scapegoating, and that the issues of this case, including the prosecution of terrorist activities and the imposition of sanctions that seek to isolate an entire Arabic population, are too important in this contemporary age for a lie to stand unchallenged."

How could a Democratic peace activist who presumably "supports our troops" also be a traitor for cash while our nation is at war with fascists?

I'm trying hard here but I just can't seem to connect the dots.

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