Wednesday, March 10, 2004

New Zionist Weapon Unable to Kill People

Al Jazeera reports that the United States has deployed an insidious new weapon in Iraq.

Aljazeera.Net - US brings new weapon to Iraq

The weapon in question is a Long-Range Acoustic Device which projects an ear piercing 145 decibel scream as far as 300 yards. The purpose of the weapon is to allow soldiers to clear occupied buildings or disperse angry crowds without leveling deadly gunfire at them as is the regional custom.

Al jazeera seems perplexed by this infidel innovation and strives to find a lethal application that would justify it's million dollar price tag. After all, what good is a weapon that doesn't kill people in some barbaric fashion?

Fortunately they dig up some fringie activist to denounce the uniquely Western concept of a humane weapon.

According to some nutjob named William Arkin, who I presume spends his days walking around Lafayette Park wearing a sandwichboard covered in 12 point garmond type, "The US is making a huge mistake by trying to quietly deploy a new pain-inducing weapon without first airing all of the legal, policy and human rights issues associated with it."

I don't know, whatta ya say we first air out the Scream Beam Projector on Mr. Arkin just for kicks?

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