Saturday, March 13, 2004

Outraged Over Bush and 9/11? Don't Be Shy.

There's a really funny Bush ad storyboard making the rounds of the more fevered sections of the blogosphere. You can find it here at The Poor Man

The great thing about it that even though it is meant as a searing indictment of George Bush's handling of September 11 and its aftermath, it's still fundamentally pro-Bush!

It's futile to oppose Bush on anything having to do with 9/11. Bush owns September 11 just the way FDR owns December 7.

Sure, there are still some people who think FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened. They may even think his decison to declare war on Germany -- who had nothing to do with the Pearl Harbor attacks -- was unlawful and misguided and a LIE!!!

But they probably outnumber the people who can remember FDR's opponent in 1944.

Obviously citing 9/11 even tagentially drives the pro-Saddam wing of the Democratic Party into apoplectic fits. More of the same I say!

Imagine all the crazies pouring onto Sixth Avenue this summer with paper mache heads and Bush=Hitler signs while W shakes hands with firefighters and 9/11 families at Ground Zero. The distinction makes itself!

Every time 9/11 is invoked duringthe campaign people are going to think back to that day. They'll remember that Bush was unexpectedly taking control of the situation. Rose to the occasion. Made me reassess tha man.

And John Kerry? Well, Kerry must have been running for his life somewhere on Capitol Hill. In any case, Kerry was at best just another scared face in the crowd back then. Hmmm, Bush is tested. Do I really want to risk it with Kerry? The world does seem pretty dangerous.

Bring it on! This is getting funner.

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