Monday, October 25, 2004

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Election Madness

The shock of The New York Times' surprise endorsement of John Kerry continues to reverberate throughout the newspaper's Letters page.

Naomi Drew, a reader in Lawrenceville, New Jersey was moved to weeping when she learned of the Times' bold and surprising stand:

Your words, "we look back on the last four years with hearts nearly breaking."

My heart and the hearts of so many others have been broken each time we've heard of one more soldier dying in a senseless war, one more child left cruelly behind in the grip of poverty, one more assault on our precious environment.

But perhaps the greatest heartbreak is that in the minds of so Americans have been spun into a place beyond reason and the rancid foam of fear has clouded their clear sight. May the election of John Kerry restore us to sanity.
Unfortunately for Ms. Drew, bi-polar mania is a serious emotional disorder that cannot be treated by partisan politics. Indeed, hyper-partisanship is merely a symptom.

Drew articulates a common lament of the enlightened. If Bush is re-elected it's because common people have been frightened and manipulated. Of course, that the Democrats regularly compare Bush to Hitler and 9/11 to the Reichstag fire is merely a statement of fact . . . hardly a rancid cloud of fearfoam or whatever it is that's tormenting Naomi's private thoughts.

Sally G. McMillen of Davidson, NC agrees that the American people are our greatest hope, unless they vote for Bush, at which point they become a mind-numbed mass of morons. Sally conditions herself for the betrayal she knows is coming:

Today, the Bush Administration has created a disastrous situation on nearly every front -- political, diplomatic and economic -- and is doing everything possible to instill fear in our hearts and minds.
Of course, if Administration officials really wanted to instill fear all they would have to do is broadcast this, or this, or this. Interestingly, these things actually happened so a fair amount of fear might actually be warranted.

Am I the only one who reads things like this and hears someone ranting that Nazis and the Klan have undermined the Constitution by exploiting our fears? I believe the clinical term for this is "projection."

David DeGraf of Mount Rainer, Maryland praises the Times for speaking truth to choirboys and expresses some concern that bovine citizens will stumble into the voting booth and mistakenly cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice.

If only all Americans were as lucid (as the Times! --ed), John Kerry would have this election in the bag. If Mr. Bush manages to be re-elected, it will be a sad day for the nation, for it means that the public is far more ignorant and susceptible to manipulation than ever before.
And finally, Cecelia Martin Ford of the Naked City has had all she can stand with this democracy nonsense:

Those who vote for him (that would be President Bush - ed) in 2004 must take personal responsibility for our loss of basic civil liberties, the shame of Abu Ghraib and the bloodshed in Iraq.
Not sure how Ms Martin Ford managed to slip that letter to the editor past the storm troopers guarding her and millions of other patriotic dissenters but no doubt heads will roll (see above).

The thing I love most about BushHate is how the sheer density of it seems to distort everything within its gravitational pull. Democracy must be defended against deluded voters. Fear mongers are ubiquitous and deadly!

Those who suffer with the fever can no longer comprehend that tens of millions of fellow Americans actually like George Bush and support his agenda. They must be ignorant, manipulated, fearful, or sadistic prison guards. Maybe all four!

I'm also fascinated by the profound defeatism of the Left. Even in their delirious throes they are sober enough to be getting their excuses in order even before the final results are in. In fact, the blame for Kerry's defeat is intrinsic to their criticism of Bush. They hate Bush because he has made them what they are.

These aren't hate letters. They're cries for help!

Not to worry. Relief is on the way.

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