Wednesday, October 27, 2004


George Bush For President

Funny how Kerry "supporters" rarely have anything positive to say about their candidate.

In support of my candidate I would say that Bush recognizes that we are at war with Islamofascism . . . a war that predates his administration but that was joined in earnest as of 9/11.

Bush's strategy is to defeat the most dangerous foot soldiers of Islamofascism in the short term with military force and in the long term alter the conditions that permit radicalism to flourish by introducing basic human freedoms to a region of the world that has languished in medieval conditions for generations.

You may disagree with that strategy or Bush's execution of it but that is the response the Bush Administration offers.

What strategy does Kerry offer? I don't know and you don't either.

But you can still think for yourself. What is the proper response to an intolerant, illiberal, misogynist political movement using religion as a guise and seeking advantage through the deliberate targeting of civilians?

Do you try to understand their concerns? Do you negotiate? Do you try to meet them half way?

Our Israeli allies have been engaged in this same war for decades, what can we learn from their experience? Does their continued existence depend on diplomacy or military force?

If you think that the Islamofascist threat is a bogeyman manufactured in Texas then by all means vote for Kerry.

If you think the threat is real, wouldn't you at least want to vote for a candidate who recognizes the true nature of the threat?

Your choice.

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