Tuesday, October 05, 2004

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The French Have Failed

Having failed to successfully negotiate, appease, and/or bribe the freedom fighters who kidnapped two French journalists months ago, the French government has fallen back on its greatest strength . . . denying reality and blaming others.

According to Le Monde, the Chirac government was involved in the “private” mission to win the release of Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot. This mission failed spectacularly over the weekend after promising the imminent release of the hostages. Chirac et al now say the mission was a dangerous freelance effort with no connection at all to the government which is calling on all the goodwill it’s earned in the Islamic world over the years to get its two citizens back. This effort has also failed.

The Last of the Famous International Playboys has a detailed description of the unfolding scandal.

The significance of these twin failures is that the French public doesn’t understand why their people were kidnapped in the first place. After all, France is allied with the Iraqi insurgents. The French are overtly sympathetic to the cause of Islamofascism and their suburbs are teeming with angry disaffected Muslim immigrants who rage at the injustice inflicted on their desolate and scorched homelands.

In keeping with tradition, the French have tried to identify and imitate the people who hate them. – See Johnny Halliday and Marshal Petain. In the case of the Islamic world, the French have tried every form of flattery to gain their favor.

They have failed on all counts and now their isolation and powerlessness is on display for even French voters to see. And they don’t like it.

France’s is a secretive culture. They have much to conceal and the public seems not to mind as long as nothing appears to go wrong. Example: The mysterious bomb planters on the TGV routes last year. They’ve never been arrested nor have they planted any more bombs. To the French, that’s a problem solves and best forgotten.

This one’s not going to be so easy.

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