Friday, May 04, 2007

Au Revoir Sego

Sego and Sarko slugged it out last night in a debate that was apparently watched by every voter in France.

From a great distance it seems that the most notable event in the 2 ½ hour discourse was Segolene going postale on Sarkozy over the issue of disabled children.

Sego, who is supposed to be the more serene and composed of the two candidates, let loose a torrent of syllables at the tail end of which Sarkozy, who is supposed to be the hot head, doused the flames with a provocative suggestion that Sego calm down.

It had the desired effect.

At minute 4:30 on the video above she begins to self-immolate.

“No, je ne calmerai pas” – “No I will not calm down” she says at least three times before Sarko puts the fork in her, “You must be calm to be president of the republic.”

Oh yeah, she’s done.

But, damn, she looks great even when she's yelling at you. That's my kind of woman. Oh wait, I'm already married to that kind of woman.

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