Friday, May 18, 2007

Vive la France

The past two weeks have restored much of my dormant faith and admiration in the French. It’s a combination of Segolene’s physical appearance, Sarko’s pugnacity, and the elegance and charisma of France itself.

The Brits have a reputation for pomp and circumstance. But the French, for my money, put on a better show. They combine the romantic sensibility of southern Europe with the precision of the north. And there's none of that royal inbreeding on display. These are all regular citizens. and look, Chirac is even stopping at red lights on the drive home.

The coverage of the change of power at the Elysee Palace this week captured a taste of it.

Plus, now we get to see Cecelia Sarkozy at last. (or is it Cecilia?) This is the woman, remember, that Sarko fell in love with at first sight. Unfortunately, that first sight came as he was officiating her marriage to another man. This story makes slightly more sense to me now that I can see her.

My only complaint: is Citroen so diminished now that they can’t make a decent limousine? What kind of car is Chirac getting into? It looks like he upgraded at Hertz. Where is the jet black DS that de Gaulle used to ride in?

Now that's a French car.

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