Monday, May 07, 2007

Une Charge a Garder

Looks like Bush has not only outlasted his “Old Europe” adversaries but he’s managed to improve ties with our allies without compromising his principles.

Not that you’d ever hear that in the mainstream media.

E-nough has video of Sarko's victory speech in which he addresses "our American friends." This line has been reported widely but I didn't know until seeing the video that the crowd erupts in cheers when he says it.

Thank goodness, it's safe to love France again!

Meanwhile, the vanguard of the people, once again betrayed by the people themselves, expressed their dissatisfaction in the usual fashion . . . they trashed their own neighborhoods.

Violence and the threat of it has always been the fascist’s way of achieving political goals. Now it’s the “progressives” who break the windows.

Video via the incroyable No Pasaran!

Is he as tough as his critics say? Well, remember that in 1993, he volunteered to negotiate with a guy called "The Human Bomb" who was holding an elementary school hostage. Not only did Sarko get the children out safely, but the Human Bomb got iced in the process. Win-Win!

And what would a French election be without an address by the British Prime Minister? I'm looking for W's French language message.

UPDATE: Allow me to be the first of many to compare Sarkozy to Squidward:

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