Thursday, April 24, 2003

John Kerry "Looks French"

Proof from the Boston Herald that witty retorts are not the strength of the Kerry family:

Minutes after Kerry sped off to a campaign speech in New Hampshire, his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, compared the Bush comment to an insult by ``kids in the playground.''

``They'll probably say he's French, he's Jewish . . . he's a monkey,'' Heinz Kerry said of her husband, whose Jewish roots recently became a campaign issue. ``I just find it sad.''

She added: ``They (White House officials) probably don't even speak French.''

Notice how "Heinz Kerry" manages to remind voters of Senator John F. Kerry's unusual ethnicity and at the same time validate the White House charge that he's an aloof elitist while attempting to deflect it. Brilliant!

Extra points for gratuitous simian imagery.

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