Thursday, April 17, 2003

Reporters Are So Very Gullible

In it's coverage of the non-events at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, the Charleston Post and Courier manages to demonstrate why so many people consider reporters to be humorless, self-important drones:

Throughout the morning, law enforcement officers stood on the perimeter of the five-acre field. At no point did the protest turn violent, though officers escorted Heywood Jablome away after he held up a sign directly in front of Burk that read "Make me dinner" before shouting "Oprah rules."

I'm as much a fan of infantile humor as the next guy, but the reporter, whose name I believe is Hugh G. Rection, proves he neither gets the joke nor understands much about the basics of journalism . . . the first question traditionally is "who?"

Of course, this is the South we're talking about so there is the possibility that Jablome actually is his name.

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