Wednesday, April 09, 2003

An Offer We Must Not Refuse

According to The New York Post, frivledged actor/coifed philosopher Richard Gere has boldly announced that he would be willing to be incarcerated for 10 years, "if I heard from a credible person, a high lama, that I'd be much more effective [rotting in stir for a decade] than doing what I'm doing here, of course I'd go to prison."

This seems too easy.

I actually have an uncle who is a lama, although I can’t vouch for his credibility. It wouldn’t be hard to convince him that the world would be a little bit better with Gere behind bars rather than in front of the camera. I mean, Autumn in New York is pretty damn convincing in this respect.

Perhaps Gere is saying the request would have to come from a credible person or a high lama. In that case, does Mickey Rourke count?

Of course, Gere may actually be offering a high lama as an example of what he considers to be a credible source. In which case, I see no problem going to Peru and finding at least one mountain dwelling llama who is familiar with Gere’s work. All that’s needed is for the llama to go on the record.

I think you’ll agree it’s well worth the effort.

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