Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Capitalism Briefly Sighted in D.C.

The Washington City Paper does an excellent round-up of the anti-everything protests which coincided with the IMF/World Bank annual meetings last week. Sparsely attended and largely a disappointment to its anarchist organizers, the protests were a bust and inactivists were hard pressed to put a positive spin of the non-events. According to Rae Valentine of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, "We truly interrupted capitalism in D.C."

That’s a laugh to anyone who has ever spent time in D.C. The District a virtual no-free-enterprise zone with small shops and markets making up it most visible Private sector. The rest are just parasitic law firms and spin hospitals. Hell, Washington is one of the few places where people actually refer to "the private sector." Capitalism is about out of place in D.C. as a mulletted redneck going door to door selling “far wood” would be in New York City.

We truly interrupted capitalism in D.C.? First you'd have to disinter it.

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