Thursday, October 03, 2002

Sausages Made Before Your Very Eyes

I was looking forward to reading how The New York Times would describe the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision yesterday to ignore state law and allow the Democrats to name a new more popular candidate for the Senate. To most people the law seems pretty clear: no substitutions less than 51 days in advance of an election.

The Times reports today:

“New Jersey law only speaks of allowing a candidate to be replaced 51 days or more before an election, but does not expressly address making a change closer to the election.”
Isn’t that a bit like saying the statutory rape law only speaks of consenting adults 16 years of age and older but does not expressly address 12 year olds?

The Times could actually provide a useful service to voters if it were to report well before Election Day which election laws the Democrat Party intends to recognize this cycle.

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