Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The DC Sniper Is a Foreign Terrorist

I believe that the sniper currently prowling the suburbs of Washington, D.C. is part of an Islamofascist terror cell. He is working with accomplices, and the “white truck” is a decoy.

The shootings will stop in Washington as mysteriously as they began while the team moves to another region only to begin the cycle once again.

The sniper has no job because he needs no money. He’s been trained and selected for this assignment by an organization that can afford to support him with funds.

The White Van. – This van appears at scene of the shootings and drives off after the attack presumably in the opposite direction of the sniper. The van has probably been stopped and examined but waved through any number of checkpoints when nothing suspicious turns up. It also seems to change shape from one occasion to the next.

Most likely the shooter finds a secluded spot and waits . . . waits for a victim . . . and then waits for a random white van to drive by. Think about it. If you’re looking for a white van, you'll find one . . . they’re all around you. Hell, there are websites devoted to white van conspiracy theories.

Witnesses now hear a shot and are conditioned to look for a white van and sure enough there they are . . . going in all directions.

Certainly, no one wanted for murder would be foolish enough to drive a white van around the beltway today.

The Timing – It is said that the sniper must have a day job because the attacks only happen in the morning or late afternoon and evening after normal working hours. Absurd. The attacks have happened as late at 9:30am and as early as 2:30 pm. Keep in mind that Washington traffic is among the worst in the country and driving 50 miles to Fredricksburg is a major undertaking.

Domestic Psychopath – Frankly, our preconceptions do not allow us to believe that a skilled sniper could be anything other than a white man. Americans have a difficult time imagining, say, an Arab man with the ability to remain calm long enough to squeeze off a highly accurate shot.

If such a person showed up at an al Qaeda training camp they wouldn’t turn him into a suicide bomber . . . not with such a valuable skill. Instead they’re design an operation around his talent. They’d deploy him somewhere where he could disrupt the rhythm of life and the government at the same time.

A Precursor? One of the discussion threads on FreeRepublic has this chillingly reasonable suggestion: what better way to divert the attention of law enforcement away from a larger terror operation in DC itself?

I never bought into the theory that the anthrax attacks were just some random act of a homegrown lunatic. It denies the fact that we at war. The same is true in this case. aside from all the rhetoric and evidence, there are still many Americans who deny that a war exists. They don’t want to believe it but the reality is that we are fighting a war on our own territory. And we’re not winning.

Not yet at least.

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