Friday, October 25, 2002

They’ll Be Working on the Railroad

The FBI is warning that al Qaeda may be planning another attack on the United States, possibly targeting “the railway sector.”

As a rail commuter into and out of the Naked City everyday I am always on the lookout for possible disruptions of the mighty steel veins that pulse with the lifeblood of this great land. Besides, MetroNorth takes a dim view of railway sabotage by amateurs as it infringes on their expertise.

The FBI distributed the warning across the country on Wednesday, citing information from recent debriefings of detained al Qaeda members. It said the group has considered directly targeting U.S. passenger trains, possibly using operatives who have a Western appearance.

Well, that makes things rather simple.

Tomorrow morning you can bet that no matter how crowded the train is, I will forgo that one free seat next to the cowboy or grizzled old prospector.

And while I don’t care for racial profiling, I will nonetheless try to avoid any Commanche Indians getting on in Greenwich or dusty Mexicans sleeping under those great big sombreros at Grand Central.

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